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A Shadow of Wings

A Shadow of Wings - Linda Gayle Amazing characters with great chemistry, plot's okay, world-building is a bit shallow and the end seems a bit rushed. This book is an example of how GOOD CHARACTERS make up for a lot of flaws. Cam and Dylan are funny and sweet together. They joke, sometimes the jokes are a bit gross but that makes them seem more like real guys in their early 20s to me. Their conflicts are realistic for their situation, but they resolve them without too much angst, communicating with each other and resolving their issues when other authors might have ramped up the misunderstanding for more drama. They are sooo good for each other, and their faith and love with each other is unshakable, even when Dylan finds out what Cam really is.

Also, I fucking love Tash.

Plot is, eh, okay. I guess. Maybe it's because I've read similar stuff before, but the whole "secret society" thing seems really common, although making it a religious organization was a bit of a twist (not that much of a twist, though). The world-building is there, but it's not given enough page-time to really flesh it out, and the ending seemed a bit rushed. I really hope this is the first book of a series so that the world can mature. Also, I really want to find out what happens to the kid!

spoilers for the mpreg thing Cam's species are hermaphrodites in their natural form, which makes a lot of sense. According to myth cockatrices are hatched out of an egg that is laid by a rooster and incubated by toads. It would make sense that a real cockatrice would be hermaphrodites that lay eggs.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing more from this author!