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Designated Target

Designated Target - Laura Baumbach Not bad but not outstanding. 'China' a big special forces guy is asked by his sergeant and friend to check on Carson, his friend's younger gay brother. Carson likes big men, a little too much. He has a tendency to pick up guys who are on the abusive and controlling side of things, and is understandably wary after his latest would-be-boyfriend turned out to be a bit psycho. China blames himself for Jim's death, can they overcome their issues?

This is a fairly short read. The sex scene is kinda hot, but it bothers me that neither guy even thought about using a condom, I know some guys like to bareback strangers but it's really risky. Also, there was a weird sort of emphasis on Carson's "marbled green eyes" that had swirls of white in them or something. I was expecting him to have some sort of vision issues (after all, why else would white be mentioned?) but other than having a scratched cornea from said psycho would-be-boyfriend nothing was wrong with them. Weirdly-colored eyes is such a Mary Sueish trait and really stuck out as strange. Especially since Carson spent at least a paragraph thinking about the color of his own eyes. Who does that? No one I know.

Anyway, if you're looking for quick, slightly angsty and slightly sweet read with a military MC, this might be the book for you. It's nothing special, however.