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Bound by Nature

Bound By Nature - Cooper Davis My god this is a horrible story. Where to start?

1. You are driving home in a truck after visiting your new lover. Suppose you witness what you think are a couple murders dumping a body. Do you A) drive straight to the nearest copshop and tell them what happened? B) drive straight to the nearest store and have them call the cops? Or C) TURN AROUND SLOWLY so the murders can follow you more easily and allow them to follow you back to your lover?

2. You and your new boyfriend are HUGE walls of solid muscle. This is something that the author likes to tell us readers constantly. Okay, so they're big, they're muscular. You'd expect them to be able to beat the crap out of a couple guys who, not being shifters, presumably are not as big or muscular, right? Well, if so, you'd be WRONG. These two big muscle-y guys crumple like old drywall when you swing a sledgehammer at it. They are complete wimps.

3. Your boyfriend is... kidnapped? Kinda? And you just got raped? So, when the Bad Guys take you back to where they dumped the body you go along with their idea of FRAMING YOUR NEW MATE for that guy's death by telling everyone, even the sheriff, that it was a drunk driving thing. Yes. You go with that. Ignore how stupid it is. Ignore the fact that it is actually MORE DANGEROUS in prison than it is outside it, ESPECIALLY for a gay man. Gangs and organized crime both have contacts inside and it's a lot easier to attack or kill a person in there. Ignore all that. You want to 'protect' your mate so you help the bad guys to get away and frame your mate for vehicular homicide. I AM NOT EVEN JOKING

Also, for a shifter story there is very little shifting and none of it when it matters. Although, as I pointed out, they shouldn't have needed to shift because they should have been able to cream those two guys in the first place. The stupidity of this entire story just snowballs.

However, none of that is what enrages me about this book. You know what enrages me? How about the fact that this novel is one giant bait and switch. When I read the blurb I was expecting to read some story about two alphas who had to work together to keep their packs from destroying each other. In fact, we are told in the beginning that there have been a couple deaths due to the fighting! That's a big deal! But, the story wasn't about that! I wanted a story about two pack leaders who had to prove themselves to their packs and each other. Instead all I got was massive, agonizing stupidity.

No spoiler tags because if I do one good thing in this life it will be to keep other people from reading this pile of poo poo.