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Backwoods Asylum - Megan Derr Waaay too much telling and not enough showing. For example, the argument with Mrs. Grey should have been shown, it would have made a more dramatic impact to the story. I felt that I was playing catch up with this particular world, I'm told that a lot of shifters don't like Skyler because he's a snake shifter and was wild as a child, but I'm not really shown that.

Over all it's not bad, and the romance is sweet. No sex, really, which is to me better than bad sex. It's a bit odd that Hansel and Gretal don't miss their parents though, even abused children generally miss their parents when they're taken from them. Over all I'm left feeling rather 'meh' about the book.

Cute cover, though!

edit: considering how much the pups didn't like their mom I have to wonder why no one noticed anything was wrong with them looong before they were abandoned. Picture this, you're a kid and your parents are two respected members of the community. You and they act normal, so everyone assumes everything is fine. Then one day your parents take you out into the middle of nowhere and abandon you. Well, if you had a normal childhood you probably don't see it as abandonment, this is something completely out of the ordinary for you, after all this is something that (presumably) has never happened to you before. You're not used to this sort of treatment from your parents. Wouldn't you assume that you misunderstood something and your parents didn't abandon you, you simply got lost? I got lost as a kid, everyone does. Rarely if ever do children blame their parents for that. At the very worst they, as children, would have assumed that they were being punished for something. Either way they would have been desperate to see their parents again. The pups should have been RELIEVED to see their mom and dad. I've literally seen a little boy who was being turned over to the state by his neglectful and abusive mom RUN back to her for a hug after she punched him in front of police officers. (she was arrested of course and he and his sister ended up being sent to their biological father) The fact that the pups hated their mom (and these were YOUNG pups, not teens/adults who had matured to the point where they could realize how terrible their parents were) just didn't ring true.

It just felt like it was a set up to end the book with a happyfamilies type situation where the MCs instantly get kids and move in together after several weeks. That's rushing the relationship too fast, and its completely skimming over/ignoring outright the sorts of major issues the pups SHOULD HAVE had (but didn't because then we wouldn't get a happy ending, now would we?), as well as any sort of relationship building between the mains.