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Aaron - J.P. Barnaby I really hated this book and was just irritated by Aaron the entire time. I normally love hurt-comfort, but the hurtee has to actually try to help themselves. Aaron has to be dragged kicking and screaming every tiny step of the way. His father is right, he should have been sent to a mental hospital for a bit. That isn't the end of the world for a person, plenty of people spend time in mental institutions before going on to happier, healthier lives. Yet, in this book, the very idea of going to a mental hospital is treated as if they were just giving up on Aaron and that he was going to be locked up for the rest of his life.

Spencer's speech really bothered me too. Yes, I get it, he's deaf and speaks differently than other people because he learned to talk without being able to hear himself. There's. No. Reason. To. Type. Him. Talking. Like. This. Just mention that his speech is different, describe his voice, and move on.

In the end I just couldn't stand this book and had to put it down. Not for me.