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Plays Well With Others - Brynn Paulin I wasn't really impressed. Ori had no personality beyond being submissive, which is super boring in my opinion, and none of the birds' personalities matched up with what I know about their species (ie, Raynard is a goshawk, which if he was at all like a real goshawk he should have been temperamental and possibly slightly crazy. Swans are giant assholes. Crows don't back down down if a hawk stands between them and something they want, especially if they are in a group. Ravens are super-intelligent, have a sense of humor, and can face down an eagle, and I won't even go into what real ducks are like.) Also the whole idea of there being a hierarchical system among birds just doesn't make sense, most species of birds do not have a anything like a strict hierarchy, if they do it's age-based or territory-based. I especially winced at the idea of a collar being worn by a bird, even in human form. Birds don't wear collars to show ownership or to be controlled, if that's necessary they wear anklets.

This is a problem I've noticed with most shifter stories that have birds, they just don't get birds right and it bothers me. They don't feel like birds at all.

Overall I was by turns (lol, I typed 'terns' twice) really bored by one of the mains, and confused by how everyone was acting.