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An Unnatural Worth - Mya *sigh* This got published? Honestly, if this were a story on Fanfiction.net I'd pass it up. Lexis is very whiny. I know we're supposed to feel sorry for him and his situation, but he doesn't even try. "Leave me" he tells Bryce despite the lab just about ready to burn down around his ears. He's blind and would rather burn to death than lift a single finger to help himself. I don't mind characters who are horrible traumatized, but they have to TRY to help themselves! He doesn't. And Bryce... honestly, why does he even bother hauling this dead-weight around? All Lexis does is whine whine whine and refuse to save himself, leave the fucker for dead or (if Bryce was feeling merciful) sever his head and be done with it. Cheetah seems like a nice fellow, hook up with him. That's my advice.