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Surviving the Change - Cari Z. *Sigh* this was just... urg. I'm really tired of reading shifter books in which shifters are, like, even more homophobic than the human society surrounding them. And it's really weird in this book, Dan has to get a mate because then he would somehow stop magically being attracted to other men (and therefore disturbing said homophobic shifters) and can join a pack? How does that even make sense, given how much gay shifters are hated in this world? And of course the bad guy is totally Evil McEvilevilson. As well as being a snake (I like snakes so it pisses me off when I see them as bad guys). Not the worst shifter book I'd read recently, but really not good at all.

Also, a snake running a pack? wtf snakes are not terribly social animals, why would one want to even be in a pack in the first place?

And for a guy who is slow to trust Blythe really has no problem letting a guy who's been stalking him for the last couple weeks crash on his couch. I would be filing a restraining order, myself.

Lately I've been having a run of really disappointing shifter books, it seems.