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Liam - Toni Griffin Boring but not enraging, so that's why it gets two stars instead of one. This is a very generic shifter story. It has the whole insta-mate thing that's very tiring and boring, there's no courtship at all between the mains, and a token 'bad-Alpha' plot that's not engaging at all. The sex scenes are mildly interesting, but not enough to bump this book up another star. I'm in a good mood overall, so it's getting two stars from me, but I definitely will be giving this author a pass in the future.

Also, this series apparently has mpreg??? Whaaaa? How does that even work, neither wolves or humans are capable of a male pregnancy (other than transmen, of course), so the whole thing feels very tacked on. I suspect it's so the author can write a pregnancy plot, but if that's the case why not just write a het romance?