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Cover Up  - K.C. Burn Wow, this is bad, and sooo disappointing given how awesome the first book is!

Author, I should NOT be able to spot the bad guy on the first page (or actually, the first time I read about him) and then have to watch in agony while it takes over half the book for the MCs to figure it out! It makes the MCs look stupid. Really, really stupid.

1. OHNOES SOMEONE IS SELLING POT oh god I really do not care, that shit should be legal anyway. Alcohol is more dangerous than pot. Hell, TOBACCO is more dangerous than pot! I mean, you'd have to be doing some Mexican gang-style pot plantations, complete with slave labor-for it to even be an issue. (Which, by the way, legalizing would completely eliminate

2. Everyone knows that pot growers act like fucking wine snobs about their pot. EVERYONE. Ivan should have fucking known that Parker wasn't doing anything pot other than the occasional toke simply by the basis that he wasn't constantly babbling about varietals and resins and feminized seeds and shit like that. This seriously should have been about a one day investigation. While most successful drug dealers don't taste their own product, that rule only applies to hard drugs. When it comes to pot successful growers sure as hell DO smoke their stuff, just like a home-brewer drinks the beer he makes or a vintner drinks the wine she makes, and for pretty much the same reason. ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about pot knows this!

I bring both these points up because Ivan is like "Parker is a brilliantly manipulative criminal!!1!" for about the first third of the book before deciding that he was just a kid who didn't realize that drugs were bad.

3. So, when THE BIG REVEAL happens and Parker finds out Ivan is cop... actually, why the hell did Ivan admit that? I wouldn't have. I would have said, "You have a ton of money you don't know anything about in your closet? That's weird, maybe we should search it to make sure someone isn't storing crack in there too." *helps Parker search closet* "Oh look, files! Hey, why is your electricity and water bills so high at that cabin? This is really weird, a buddy of mine is a cop, maybe we should go talk to him." *takes Parker, money, and files to Kurt* Instead of, you know, blowing his fucking cover.

4. Parker immediately calls the one guy who he knows for a fact has regular access to his bedroom and that closet, and then REALLY blows Ivan's cover. Good going genius, boy aren't you two a pair.

5. ... why is Ivan lying to his councilor? Tell her about the bad dreams, chances are she'd prescribe anti-anxiety medication instead of sleep meds and there's no rule that he would have to take them anyway. There's literally no reason for this other than to ratchet up the drama further in the most contrived way possible.

6. Holy shit are these guys idiots. I think saying what they're being idiotic about this time would be a spoiler at this point in the book, but dear fucking god I am actually rooting for the bad guys to kill them both horribly.

7. oh god don't take that fucking cowardly bastard back, Parker. Just don't. Date Thom! He seems like a nice fellow! DO NOT FUCKING HOOK UP WITH IVAN goddamnit

8. this book has ruined not only itself, it ruined [b:Cop Out|12919441|Cop Out|K.C. Burn|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347678857s/12919441.jpg|18074600] as well for me. What. The. Fuck.

9. I want my fucking money back.

I think the most painful part about this entire book is that I know for a FACT that KC Burns can do better, and didn't. A bad author writing a bad book is only to be expected. A GOOD author writing a bad book is like being sucker punched by a close friend. You don't expect it, and then all you can do is bear the agony until it's over and hope that it never ever happens again, or the friendship is over.