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Hellbourne - Amber Kell Boredom.

That's my main feeling after reading this book. Sheer boredom. How a story about a half-fae-half-devil and his vampire and werewolf mates can be boring is beyond me, but there you go.

Luc goes to a vampire bar after his werewolf mate breaks up with him in order to marry a female so he can have heirs. At the bar he meets Nickolai, the local master vampire, and agrees to move in with him as his thrall for a few days. Supposedly being a thrall means that he's basically Nickolai's slave, but as in all things Luc simply ignores the rules when they're inconvenient and everyone goes along with it. There's basically no tension in the story, Luc picks up a couple underlings for no real discernible reason, and any worries about his health and safety are quickly abolished when it becomes very clear that Luc can't die. The only real obstacle between him and happiness is his father, Lucifer, who wants his favorite son (ie Luc) to rule beside him in Hell, and does everything in his power on Luc's birthday to wear down Luc's resistance to the idea. A father that Luc apparently feels comfortable enough to text pictures to at the beginning of the book, mind. Ohhh I'm so worried that Luc will have to spend time with his dad and help him with the family business... *falls asleep* *snores*

Even the massive betrayal by one of Luc's closest friends ends up not being a massive betrayal. More like un-asked for assistance. And when all else fails, call in Uncle Micheal, the Archangel.

Yep. Boy was that *yawn* exciting *yawn*

Even the conflict between Nickolai and Bran is easily resolved. They both love Luc, they both want Luc, Luc can tell both to fuck off if he wants, so if they both want Luc they better learn to put up with each other.

Oh, and to make things even more convenient Betsy, Bran's wife, is a total bitch. So that makes dumping her for his former lover okay!

And everything works out in the end with threesomes that somehow are also boring.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go to bed.