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Flight - Nicki Bennett Pretty short, all things considered, and that docked it a whole star. It's an interesting story about a former slave who was kidnapped from him home planet and manages to escape by fleeing to the desert of the planet he had been taken to. While surviving one day he discovers a winged man out in the middle of nowhere, with a broken wing. Varan sets the wing and teaches the angel how to survive. The best part about this story is watching these two people from different worlds, literally and figuratively, learn to communicate despite not having a common language. As it turns out, love transcends all barriers. As I said the story is quite short and leaves me wanting to know more. How does Varan adjust to his life with Tvri'il? What about his reunion with his son? Frankly the story is just too short, which is why it is a three star book for me instead of a four star book.