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Between Sinners and Saints - Marie Sexton This is a really good story. Levi is an ex-Mormon, rebelling against his well-meaning family by sleeping around constantly and working at a job they don't like when he meets Jaime, a massage therapist with a traumatic past.

I really liked how the MCs of this story interacted. Things weren't perfect between them, but they communicated and compromised. Their relationship feels equal, something that doesn't always happen in hurt-comfort stories. Levi had to learn to hold back and have patience, and Jaime had to learn to look past his fear and trust again.

Levi's family and religion are a huge part of the story. His family are well-meaning, if slightly misguided. Some of his family members believe that homosexuality is a sin, whereas others think the way he is living (sleeping around constantly rather than settling down) is the real problem. Whatever their position it is pretty clear that they all love him and are worried about him. Despite their differences they invite Jaime in, welcoming him and providing him a substitute family he desperately needs.

Jaime is wonderfully balanced as a character. He has a great sense of humor and is actually quite strong, determined to overcome his traumatic past. He and Levi fit so well together that the HEA feels solid and strong, they're in it for life, I think.

One minor niggle, there was quite a buildup with the sex, Jaime slowly overcoming his hangups and fears or learning to work around them. It was very beautiful (and hot!) We go right up until the issue of anal sex comes up, and right before the payoff things fade-to-black and the book is over! It was slightly frustrating.

Over all, this is a great book and definitely something that I'll reread again and again.