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Long Tall Drink - L.C. Chase This would have been a three star review except for the massive STUPIDITY ON HORSES that takes place in the final ten pages of the book. Yesh.

Ray Ford is the owner of a ranch. Travis Morgan is a famous horse trainer who never stays anywhere long. They meet, fall in love, and go galloping on their horses in the back 40. Unsurprisingly there is a horrible accident. But fear not, they survive. No, I'm not spoilering that because massive, terrible stupidity on horses pisses me off. Travis is a horse trainer and Ray is a ranch owner, they both should have known better than to gallop horses off trail. Frankly, they got what they deserved.

Ray's also a massive coward for most of the book but at least he grows a spine when it really matters.

Oh yeah there's a homophobic ranch-hand who does bad things because all homophobic people are naturally violent which is convenient because it makes it easy to hate them whatever. If you've seen one character like that you've seen them all.

Also, naming any horse 'Diablo' should be a hanging offense. It's not unique or cute. It's fucking clich├ęd and is apparently a good way to guarantee that the horse will be psycho.

Where's my beer I need more.