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Keeping Promise Rock - Amy Lane Eh, what can I say about this book? It just did not do it for me. This novel kept up an unending string of dramadramadrama that just drove me nuts. After awhile I didn't care for the story or the characters, I just wanted it to be over. Everything was over the top, even one of the characters getting the stomach flu resulted in a two week hospitalization.

Also, one of the big conflicts toward the end of the novel was about Crick's money that Deacon saved for his college career. The problem I had with it was quite simple, Crick was an Army vet and as such he gets the GI bill. My sister is a USMC vet and she got over $50,000 to go to college. And yet the GI Bill was never once mentioned! You'd think that if Crick was trying to calm Deacon down about using his college fund to save the farm he could have mentioned that. But nooo I guess the GI Bill doesn't exist in Amy Lane's world or something. The whole time they were having that debate I was tearing out my hair screaming that they didn't have to chose between Crick going to college or saving the farm, he could do both! And also many colleges have distance learning, so he could even stay at home while he worked on his degree. But nope, there needed to be dramadramadrama.

The book was reasonably well written and I did enjoy parts of it (when the drama wasn't being ratcheted up to 11) so I'm giving it a three, but I really don't think I'm going to be reading anything else by this author any time soon.