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Mahu - Neil S. Plakcy Kimo is a detective on O'ahu. He is deeply closeted, even to himself, and just starting to realize that he is gay when he sees a man drag a body out of the back of a gay bar he was just in. Fearing for his badge and reputation he calls in the sighting anonymously, creating a situation in which his reputation, relationship with his family, and career are threatened. On top of everything else he has to solve the murder.

Frankly this novel belongs in the mystery genre rather than M|M because the focus is the murder itself. Kimo's sexuality is certainly important to the story, but anyone looking for a romance or even erotica will be disappointed. Kimo is barely out to himself, let alone ready for a romantic relationship. On the other hand, if you are looking for a good mystery/police procedural this story is a must read.

One of the more fun things about this novel (and indeed, the entire series) is the setting. As you may have guessed it is set in Hawaii, on O'ahu in Honolulu. The author really knows the islands inside and out, we get a good feel of the spirit of aloha, as well as all the little dirty details that the travel brochures like to keep away from the tourists. I lived for six months on Maui for an internship, and while this by no means makes me an expert in Hawaiian culture what I read lines up very well with my experience. Hawaii is a beautiful, yet isolated place. A tropical paradise surrounded for thousands of miles by the Pacific Ocean. it is a difficult place to escape, especially if the person you want to escape from is yourself. We the readers feel Kimo's isolation and confusion sharply, and experience his transformation throughout the story as he slowly realizes that he is not alone and he can be both a gay man and a detective, and still has the love of his family.