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Cut & Run - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban Holy crap head-hopping and stupid plotholes! Imagine this: your buddy gets caught in an explosion and is hurt and hits his head, so you take your buddy back to the HOTEL ROOM? You must want your buddy to die of a brain hemorrhage or something.

Also, this book is a victim of what I call 'stupid angst'. So your new romantic relationship didn't work out. It sucks and your are heartbroken. That is no reason to start taking drugs in order to deal with the pain. Most people don't act that way! Most people don't act that way even if their soulmate dies tragically!

I'm really amazed this book has received such a high ranking, I guess the authors must be popular. I wouldn't know, because I really doubt I'm going to read anything by them ever again.