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Lorcan's Desire - S.J.D. Peterson Eh, what can I say? This book really did not grab me. I got about 19 pages in and put it down. It was hard for me to feel sorry for Lorcan when all he had to do was call his parents and have them wire some money for a ride home. Sure, that means giving up his dream of having an adventure but sometimes you got to swallow your pride and awknowledge that maybe Mom and Dad were right. Quinn came off as some kind of hormonal teenage with constant thought about how his dick really wanted Lorcan--keep in mind Lorcan has been on the road for weeks and is probably really over-due for a bath. There was a constant series of descriptions of Lorcan, even from his own perspective, about how attractive he was. Again, keep in mind he's been on the road for weeks! Also, who the hell thinks of themselves that way? I know that when I'm out rock-hunting for days on end (and therefore dirty and gritty and stinky) I'm sure as hell not thinking about how awesome my hair is or how graceful I am etc. That just did not seem realistic.

Also, and this is a big pet-peeve of Western/ranch M/M books in general, but why does the bad guy have to be a massive homophobe? I get that homophobia is a real problem, but at this point the Evil Homophobe who wants to ruin the lives of Our Heroes is such a horribly boring cliche. It is over used, time and again. What about water-rights? Or disputes over grazing? Or a long-standing family feud? How about a big corporate ranch that wants to move in and force out the little guys? Homophobia can play a part, but it shouldn't be the sole defining characteristic of the bad guy. Frankly I get the impression that not only does the author not know any ranchers, they also haven't done any research about ranching and ranch life. Maybe this improves later in the book but frankly as a reader I'm already lost. There is nothing interesting or new to hold my interest, not the heroes, not the villain, and not the setting.

Correction, I really love the cover! Too bad it doesn't have a better book.