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The Starving Years - Jordan Castillo Price To be blunt, this is a really awesome book which I highly recommend for everyone. Calling it an "action-packed adventure" would force me to put a dollar in the cliché jar, but it's true. Right from the beginning we a shoved out of the corporate world of job fairs and into a riot severe enough that it shuts down Manhattan... or is there another reason? The three mains complement each other fantastically, their chemistry is amazing. Tim is an incredibly awkward computer-genius determined to bring truth and accountability about manna to the world. Javier is outwardly-stoic but inwardly insecure and bitter as he seeks the truth for his own reasons. Nelson is the glue that binds them together, showing Tim how to be assertive and Javier how to care. The two main secondary characters are also fantastic, it was deeply satisfying watching Randi go from a slightly-corrupt corporate drone to a guy anyone would want watching their back. Marianne was wonderfully snarky with out being bitchy or annoying... a hard thing for many authors to pull off. She doesn't let her personal problems get in the way of doing what's right. The world building is wonderful, it really felt smooth and at no time was I pulled out of the story by any logical inconsistencies of the world (a big problem I have with some futuristic stories).

Also, Nelson's tattoos? hot. hot. HOT