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Finding Forgiveness - Dana Marie Bell Apparently shifter/werewolf romance is a whole sub-genre of its own! Who knew! (well, probably everyone but me lolz). Anyway, I've read a couple books lately, including Snuff by Terry Pratchett (which I may Have Some Thoughts on in a few days after I've had a chance to reread it). Tonight I'm reviewing Finding Forgiveness by Dana Marie Bell.

Synopsis: Ben and Dave know that they are mates, however once, long ago, Dave saw Ben holding hands with another boy. Currently Ben (who is his Pack's Marshall and therefore able to feel what everyone else is feeling, even if he doesn't know the cause) can sense Dave's horrible headaches and nausea. Ben thinks that Dave's illnesses are caused by alcoholism and therefore stays the fuck away from Dave because his father was also an alcoholic and beat the shit out of Ben. In reality Dave has severe migraines and rarely drinks. The author, perhaps not so coincidently, also has migraines so this is something of a personal story for her. Anyway, Dave ends up having a horrible one because of the stress he's under (his job as Beta for the pack,as well as his paying job) which isn't helped by the fact that his destined mate pretty much holds him in contempt, and ends up hospitalized. Ben can't quite overcome his concern for his mate, and therefore finds out from his doctor and the pack's Alpha that Dave has migraines. At that point he is guilt-wracked, because he has badly wronged his mate, adding to his stress and unhappiness and therefore ended up being a cause for his migraines. He resolves to make it up to him.

This happens within the 30 pages. And that was the major conflict of the story. There are more than 100 pages to go.

I wish I was kidding.

The rest of the ebook consists of Ben following Dave to Disney World for Gay Pride week and the two of them bonding, talking, and having sex. The End.

The story is... okay. I guess. I mean, it's not bad. There's nothing in it that'll send me into a Rage (see a couple post back, the review of Bound By Nature by Cooper Davis... omg still raging about that one). Dave and Ben sit down and talk things out. Ben was holding his straight friend's hand that night because he was trying to run away from his abusive father, not because they were about to have some teenage sex in the bushes. These guys are sensible Which makes for a boring story, to be frank, even though I definitely prefer it over the outright stupidity of Bound by Nature. I was hoping that the migraine plot could have been stretched out more (perhaps by building on other instances in which Dave has a migraine and Ben thinks it was a hangover), perhaps a slow realization that Hey, hangovers and migraines feel totally different! (I actually don't know if they do because I've never had a migraine, however I've never been hospitalized for a hangover, and Dave has been for migraines so I suppose they don't feel the same at all. But maybe filtered through telepathy they do idk) leading to the big hospitalization scene and then the Disney trip could be Epilogue. But that's not how it happened. So, meh. There just... wasn't much to the story, I guess. :

I did find Charlie amusing and hopefully her (yes, her, sorry for the spoiler lulz) story will be more entertaining.

So, I guess if you want a non-threatening werewolf romance featuring migraines this is your bag. Otherwise this story rates a Meh to me.

Originally posted at my journal.