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Fall Down the Mountain - Pd Singer Okay, to be fair here, I only read the sample at Barnes and Noble. It is entirely possible that this story improves later on, I don't know. But frankly I don't want to spend the money to find out.

Mark is having nightmares about a terrible avalanche that wake him up screaming at night. In the dream his friend Kurt is caught in the avalanche, but in reality the horrible avalanche that traumatized him killed a guy name Ulf or something who apparently was trying to kill some other guy. I guess this is part of a series (although this was not obvious on Barnes and Noble, always check Goodreads first, folks!), but frankly Ulf sounded like he deserved it. I know almost nothing about skiing and even I know you're not supposed to make loud noises when there's avalanche danger. So basically Ulf killed himself while he was trying to kill other people. What a dumbass.

The problem that I had with this story, however, is that I just couldn't care about Mark by the end of the sample. At first I did care about him, the way the dream was written it sounded like Mark was a ski guide trying to save skiers, in real life. When it turned out to be a dream the scene lost all tension and urgency. Upon finding out that Mark in fact hadn't lost a friend, that the guy who really died was an asshole who brought it down on himself, I lost quite a lot of sympathy as well. In the end I just didn't have any connection with the characters. This might be partly because I hopped in mid-series, but frankly a good author should be able to attract new readers mid-series. I do not want to go back and buy four books for the emotional payoff that this book promised.

One star, the premise of the book interested me, but the actual sample that I read did not. Too bad, the cover on Barnes and Noble is rather attractive.