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Downtime - Tamara Allen

Big didn't finish from me. Nash, the FBI agent from the future, just seemed very, very dense about his situation (that of being yanked back in time 100 years by a group of incompetent magicians). He acted as if the entire situation was an inconvenience, like getting stuck at an airport due to a bad blizzard. He also persisted in being very skeptical about Erza's ability to see and communicate with ghosts, despite the fact that he had been sucked through time. You'd think someone who had traveled through time by means of magic would be a little more inclined to rethink their view of how the universe operates, but nope, that's not what happens. Also the plot moved very, very slowly, and other characters kept separating our mains pretty much constantly. It made for a slow, dull book with a dense as a brick main character.