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Home Work (Life Lessons, #3)

Home Work (Life Lessons, #3) - Kaje Harper Oh god, this is like, an almost perfect book.

After the events of the last book Mac and Tony have moved in together with their kids, Ben and Anna. But relationship struggles don't end with the courtship, maintaining relationships in some ways can be a lot harder. Ben is still dealing with the trauma of his mother's murder, Anna is having a hard time adjusting to change, Tony is dealing with some PTSD from the events of the previous two books, and Mac has to learn how to balance home and work, as well as dealing with the fall out of coming out at work.

I really appreciate how real the kids are, soooo many authors write children either as annoying little shits you want to strangle or unrealistic little angels. Ben and Anna, on the other hand, act very much like how you would expect children to act. They fight, say hurtful things, are sometimes incredibly adorable and loving one moment, and are bratty the next. Tony and Mac love them, but at times they are driven up the wall by them (as any parent would be).

Tony's mom is fantastic, and even Brenda gets somewhat redeemed in my opinion as it is very clear that she does love Anna. I hope that she learns to be more flexible and can learn to be more tolerant in the future, in this book and the last Anna mentions numerous times that Brenda seemed very sad, her extreme religious nature probably didn't help that at all, but people can recover from that and I hope she does. It was really nice seeing Tony's mom and sister, and I hope we meet his father in the next book.

The story ends on something of a cliffhanger Mac has braindamage from being shot in the head and has difficulty speaking... but he's going to have to testify. Is he going back to work, or will he be disabled for life? We don't know yet. And then there's that call from his sister.

This series has entered my private 'must buy' list.