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Jamie (Dominion, #2.5)

Jamie (Dominion, #2.5) - Lissa Kasey This is a nice short story that helped me understand Jamie a bit better after reading the third book. I suspect he has a mild body-dysmorphic disorder. In women this often shows up anorexia or bulimia, but in men in often shows up as excessive body-building and some of the other weird things Jamie does. He's afraid of being rejected by his family, and he feels he has to protect everyone, something he can't do is Sei doesn't want him around. Basically he feels that if Sei rejects him for being 'ugly' he can't be around to protect Sei. Sei has OCD, and OCD can be genetic, so I'm not surprised that Jamie has issues with obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior as well. There are times when the protector needs a little protection and care as well.