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Inheritance (Dominion, #1)

Inheritance (Dominion, #1) - Lissa Kasey Seiran is a male witch, something that is very rare as witchcraft is primarily thought to be a female thing. Witch society is very female-dominated and male witches are often harassed or even burned at the stake if they gain too much power. Despite this Seiran is forced by his mother to attend the University of Minnesota's witchcraft school. He works as a waiter at his on-again, off-again boyfriend's bar. Seiran is framed for the deaths of several people, including a coworker. Bad guys abound, from his mom who may or may not have lost patience with her only child and decided to have him killed, to a monster from Gabe's past, to a possible serial killer. In this atmosphere of increasing paranoia Seiran must decide if he can trust Gabe with his heart.

I really like this book and can't wait for #4 to come out. A bit of a warning though, this series is not for everyone. There is a high level of angst. Seiran has OCD and assorted anxiety disorders, which are largely untreated until halfway through this book. I think his issues were beautifully written, but it makes him very high-maintenance and at times I just feel sorry for poor Gabe that he had to fall for someone with the depth of issues Seiran has. I like him as a character but Seiran is not someone I would want to be in love with. Gabe has the patience of a saint, and the ability to set limits and give Seiran space and guidance he needs, without becoming overly fatherly (something I find really creepy). His adoration of Seiran is a quiet sort of love, but at the end when Seiran says "He loves me, even when I'm ugly," I truly believed it.