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Fair Game

Fair Game - Josh Lanyon I'm most of the way through the audiobook version. The biggest sticking point for me so far is the bad geography in the novel. Characters zoom between Portland and Tacoma and Seattle as if these cities were right next to each other, when in fact Portland to Seattle is a 3 to 4 hour drive, and Portland to Tacoma is not much better. Heck, several characters live in Tacoma while attending and/or working at PSU! So, in other words, people are apparently regularly doing a 3 or more hour commute one way. I've basically started mentally inserting "Vancouver" every time Tacoma or Seattle gets mentioned, since it is far more realistic for people to live in Vancouver Washington and cross the Columbia River every day to Portland (which many people do) than it is to have the many, many characters in this novel regularly doing such a long commute. Elliot's home out on Goose Island isn't much better. That's out past St. Helens! and he's doing a commute from there to PSU and back every day that includes a trip on a ferry? Holy shit. Is there no housing in Portland in this world?

It's a fairly decent novel otherwise but the inaccurate geography is headache inducing. Is it really that hard for the author to use a freaking map when deciding where characters are going to live?