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Dark Space - Lisa Henry Wow, this is an amazing book.

Brady is 19 year old medic-trainee and he desperately needs to go home to take care of his little sister. Unfortunately there are only two ways to go home, in a body bag or at the end of a ten year mandatory service. Brady has seven years to go, but he fears his family won't survive that long. He is by turns simmering with rage and despairing over the fate of his family.

Cameron is a war hero. Captured by aliens known only as The Faceless four years ago, his face is on nearly every poster supporting the war effort. Everyone thinks he's dead, tortured to death by The Faceless, until he shows up in a strangely organic-looking stasis pod. Things go to shit when he's removed incorrectly, he literally needs physical contact with Brady to keep his heart beating.

They spend the next few days together, literally heart and mind, sharing thoughts and dreams and heartbeats. Cameron says that The Faceless are coming, to make peace, but he's been gone for four years and might be a traitor. Not even Brady, who can hear his thoughts, knows for sure.

Space is vast, and lonely, can these two men find their way home?