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Chasing Seth - J.R. Loveless Oh my fucking god this is horrible.

Seth is a white (and don't you forget it) veterinarian who buys a practice in town that consists of primarily Cheyanne (and don't you forget it) people, most of whom are werewolves. Kasey is the local sheriff who is racist against white people in a way that would make real racists say "whoa... that's too racist dude!". Naturally they are mates. I didn't get to far into this book so I can't really give you more than that, but here's a list of stupidity and out-right cruelty on the part of Kasey.

1. He thinks that whites are incapable of caring for animals properly. For some damn reason. Despite evidence to the contrary. (uh, yeah, in my experience native americans are just as capable of using animals for food and money as anyone else, so you might want to get off your fucking high-horse there Sheriff)

2. Because of that he automatically hates Seth on sight, even though he has been given literally no reason for it.

3. When he meets Seth in wolf form he recognizes him as his mate. He also realizes that his mate (he doesn't know he's Seth at this point) is fucking terrified of him. So what does he do? Chase him off a fucking cliff the second time he sees him. Instead of, you know, patiently courting him and giving him the space he needs to feel safe. That was the second time he found him in the same area, surely that meant that his mate was somewhere nearby!

4. After much coaxing he gets Seth to shift into human form so that they could talk...at which point he promptly flips the fuck out upon finding out who his mate is, threatening physical harm and accusing him of lying when Seth said he was born a wolf.

5. then he runs home to Daddy and Mommy for help because apparently as a grown man it's impossible for him to figure out what to do. Seriously, that entire exchange makes him look like a twelve year old with his first crush that he haaaates because her hair is so pretty and curly omg how dare Seth make him feel these feeling I'm going to TELL on you Seth *shakes fist*.

Basically Kasey is the stupidest, meanest MC I have had the displeasure of reading in a long time. Seth is whiny, but Kasey is just plain hateful.