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Life After Death - Andrea Speed I actually read this book first, before Prey and Bloodlines. While I don't recommend doing that it did allow me to get to know Dylan without having Paris' ghost hanging over my shoulder (Roan's is another matter), which probably explains why I like Dylan more than Paris. (sacrilege, I know) This series is very different from most shifter series. In most shifter stories the shifter are aware of who they are when they are in their animal forms, even if they think like that animal. In this series the shifters truly shift, that is, they fully change into big cats with nothing human about them, and those cats have no memories of being human. Shifting is hideously painful, moreover, and so these big, vicious predators wake up from their shift in agony, and very, very hungry. What do you think a cougar or lion does if it's in pain and there are humans nearby? If you think such an animal is dangerous and unpredictable, you would be right.

Life After Death is broken into two different stories. The first one Roan has been house-bound for about a year, grieving after his husband's death, when he is forced out of bed by a case. A formerly grieving widow, ("formerly" because it turns out her husband is not so dead after all) hires Roan to track down her missing husband. In the process Roan finds that losing himself in work, as well as confronting the grieving process head-on, is sometimes the best way to deal with things. It's interesting watching Roan start on the road to physical (lying in a bed for a year due to severe grief doesn't do good things to you) and mental recovery, as well as building new relationships.

In the second half we meet Holden, Roan soon-to-be partner-in-crime. "Fox" Holden is a former hustler, current high-end male escort, and Roan needs his help to track down a serial hustler-beater. Holden agrees, he's protective of the street-boys after all, but only if Roan agrees to help him find his sister. They both find more than they expected.

This series often gets lumped with gblt romances, but in reality it is more like a mystery/thriller series. Roan's relationships with his friends are as deeply explored as his relationships with his romantic partners, and above all the cases he takes and the mystery of his mutating werecat virus takes center-stage. If you're just looking for another shifter romance this series might not be for you, but if you are looking for a fantastic read this is a great series.

PS: don't forget to check out Andrea's site, andreaspeed.com. New chapters of Infected are posted there first before being published.