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Strings Attached - Nick Nolan Yeees let's start the book off with the Evil, Drug Abusing, Whorish Mother trope. Let's Do This. This will in nooo way make the reader hate the author. Nope. Not at all. All women are whores you see. WHORES (except you, pure reader, who paid good money for this drivel)

I think I got about three pages in.

Here's a clue, don't start your novel off by shredding the mother of the MC's child. I didn't even have a reason to care about him when he started throwing her sexuality in her face. If I were her, I'd hate him too! Shocking ain't it.

Edit because I guess that wasn't the MC? I guess? I really don't know and don't care to find out because they were both so hateful I can't see the book improving from that.