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Barnes & Noble "Recommend for Me", wtf

I read m/m romance and am a Buddhist, B&N recommends a Christian counseling book and something on slaver


Yeah, anyone see the problem? In case you can't, most of my ebooks from Barnes & Noble are either m/m romances or Buddhist texts (I have interesting interests). The three books at top are three of my most recent books I've purchased. So what does B & N recommend for me? A bible counseling book, not sure what that next one is about, and two books about southern slavery. Admittedly I might actually be interested in the slavery book because I do like history, but none of them are related to the majority of books I buy from Barnes & Noble. If I knew how to navigate their forums I'd make a post about it because there's something really off about their algorithm.


By the way, I used to get recommendations for m/m books all the time, and Buddhist stuff too. Not any more. The only 'Christian' book I ever bought off their site was the Bible, and I bought the Koran and the Rig Veda as well at the same time.


Edit: Okay, I sent them an email detailing my concerns--supposedly I'll get a response in a day or two. We will see.