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Bone Rider

Bone Rider - J. Fally

Updates will go here. I'll be reading through the book very slowly because its Nanowrimo-time again and won't be able to read this book quickly. However, right at this moment I'm seriously impressed. This book leans toward a genre I call 'humorous sci-fi', like Redshirts. It's almost a shame that this book is being marketed as m/m because I think mainstream sci-fi fans might like it a great deal. I'm serious. (but then I haven't finished this book so maybe it goes into straight m/m territory... although I really hope not!) "System Six" is an experimental sentient armor system who was supposed to bond with his host, Rik. Unfortunately for System Six there's a bunch of problems with that, physically they aren't a good fit (he's too big) and mentally Rik is a disgusting meatbag whose very existence makes System Six's material crawl. As a result System Six is now scheduled for destruction. In an effort to avoid decommission and death he crashes the training vessel on Earth, where he bonds with a new host, Riley. Riley has just broken up with his boyfriend Misha and is on the run, because while he's willing to put up with a lot of shit, he's not willing to date an assassin for the Russian mob. That's about as far as I've gotten, but so far I'm hooked. I guess Misha will be the other MC. So far I'm hooked!


edit: waaaay too hot for mainstream science fiction fans. NOT that I am complaining, mind you!


edit2: I'm putting this on hold because I need to write, and I can't focus on writing and reading at the same time, I'm not good a multitasking gaaaah