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Author Spotlight: Madeline Ashby

I might be a bit premature in highlighting this author, given that I have only read some of her short stories and none of her books, but I feel that we have a great up and coming science fiction author on our hands.


I mean, just read this, in one short story she united the Quiverful movement with zombies, Chinese factory working conditions, fandom, and the way the internet can unite us all. It's really fantastic.


She's gotten a short story published in Nature, yes, that Nature. I didn't even know Nature published fiction, but I guess if it's short enough and science-related...


Probably my favorite thing by her so far is Permacultures in the anthology Cautions, Dreams, and Curiosities, where she takes on sustainable agriculture and the prison industrial complex all in one fell swoop (be sure to check out the rest of the anthology)


Keep in mind, I haven't read her Machine Dynasty series yet. It going on my TBR pile.


You can find the rest of her fiction here.