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I am sooo biased omg

Cruisin' the Fossil Freeway: A Road Trip Through the Best of the Prehistoric American West - Kirk R. Johnson, Ray Troll

This book is about the joys and struggles of paleontology and fossil collecting. I am a fossil geek, and let's be honest here, I spent a month this summer with my dad and mom looking at a lot of the sites mentioned, and even speaking with a number of the people featured in this book. So I can't really rate this one fairly, of all the books in the world that I've read, I think this this the one that had affected me, personally, the most. If you ever wanted to get to know the fun and geeky side of paleontology, this is the book for you.


Also it comes with an album of fossil-related songs, too, and I am even less capable of rating that than I am of the book. so, uh, yeah. Here Ray Troll takes on not only paleontology, but also a variety of music genres, everything from reggae to jazz to rap, metal, country, and others. Probably my favorite song is 40,000 Mammals Can Be Wrong, which is about Natural Trap Cave in WY. Tentacle lovers will probably get a kick out of Ammonite, however.


There is a sequel planned, Crusin' the Enternal Coast, which is going to be about the Pacific Coast. I will be even more biased toward that one because there is a very good chance that Bernie and Ernie will be in there, Bernie is the oldest and  most complete ichthyosaur ever found in Oregon, and Ernie is his marine amphibian buddy we found along side him. Together they are the oldest vertebrates found in Oregon. Which me and my dad found.


So, uh, yeah. SOoooo biased.